• What is the cap on your Owner Membership?
           Our By-Laws limit the voting Owner-Members to 225
  • What is your total membership?
           We have 288 golfing members with full access to the golf course. At this time, we are accepting applications for the Owner-Member class.
  • What happens to my initiation fee when I leave the Club?
           Initiation fees are non-refundable and are used to fund capital projects. 
  • Can I walk the golf course?
  • Have there been any recent assessments?
           We have capital and operational assessments from time to time, but all are subject to membership approval.
  • Who runs the Club?
           The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the Club, subject to the direction of the Board of Directors. 
The Club has a 9 person Board of Directors. The Board is elected by the Owner-Members.
  • What memberships are available?
           We encourage your interest in our Owner-Member wait list. 
           People on the wait list  enjoy a limited number of golf rounds and full use of all the other facilities at Sara Bay.